Gun Strike

Gun Strike: Assault Ops is a fun 3d first person shooter game.
If you are a shooting game fan, you want to play whenever and wherever. Or you are just new to shooting games and just want to play for a few minutes. Gun Strike: Assault Ops is a good choice for you. It’s easy to play, but also a lot of fun.
===Game Features===
◈ High-quality graphical maps.
◈ Easy Control: Customizable button size and position as you wish.
◈ 8 maps: Including desert, snow, etc., playing different maps is no longer boring.
◈ 12 weapons: Including pistols, sniper rifles, assault rifles, grenades, etc. Unlocking weapons is completely free.
◈ 4 game modes: Including survival challenge mode, classic level mode, death mode (team), zombie mode.
◈ Free choice of team: Police or terrorists.
◈ 4 skill system: Including damage bonus, strike power bonus, tombstone magic, and piggy magic. Every game randomly acquires skills, which is more interesting.
◈ Custom Sensitivity: Compatible with all tablet and mobile devices.
◈ More other fun, waiting for you to experience it!